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Media Fusion LLC’s second title Waste & Recycling Middle East and Africa was launched in January 2011, in response to the pressing need for a journal to document the rapid development within this industry and to present the burgeoning opportunities prevailing in this nascent sector. Today, it is a premier publication in this specialised sector in the region. As the Middle East gains in technological know-how and hastens to implement integrated waste management techniques, Waste and Recycling Middle East is right here, chronicling and documenting the landmark changes and efforts of individual companies, project/facility owners and municipalities.

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The bimonthly Waste and Recycling Middle East is the only magazine in the region to cover all issues related to waste management, collection, hauling and disposal, recycling, composting, processing, incinerating and waste-to-energy. It covers policy issues as well as service and technical dimensions of an industry, which is rapidly changing and becoming more advanced to keep abreast with a world that is becoming more environmentally conscious.

Waste and Recycling Middle East also covers policies and strategies connected with the region’s renewable energy drive. It supports the recycling businesses and environmental sustainability initiatives across the region and assists in corporate branding of organisations involved in waste and environmental management and recycling. The magazine is read by senior managers and practitioners in the municipal, industrial, commercial and institutional waste management and recycling sectors. Media Fusion publishes 5,000 copies every two months and the publication is distributed in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman. The electronic version of the magazine reaches a large audience worldwide.