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ALPLA, PTT Global Chemical launch plastics recycling plant in Thailand

ENVICCO recycling plant has an annual production capacity of 45,000 tonnes of recycled PET and HDPE, say the companies

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September 16 2022
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The ALPLA Group and PTT Global Chemical officially launched the state-of-the-art ENVICCO recycling plant in Thailand on September 13. With an annual production capacity of 45,000 tonnes of recycled PET and HDPE, it is one of the largest recycling plants for these plastics in Asia, according to the statement. 

After around 18 months of construction, production is set to start at the ENVICCO joint venture. Located in an economic zone on the coast of the south-eastern province of Rayong, the plant is equipped with the latest recycling technology and production lines to manufacture high-quality plastic recyclates with approval from the USFDA.

'Built in record time thanks to the excellent collaboration with GC, this highly modern plant is an important part of our recycling activities in Asia,'' said ALPLA Chairman Gunther Lehner during the launch. The launch was also attended, among others, by Kongkrapan Intarajang, Chief Executive Officer and president, GC, Dietmar Marin, ALPLA Managing Director Recycling, and Bernd Wachter, ALPLA Corporate Director Circular Economy & Recycling Asia.

'Demand for recycled, sustainable packaging materials is rising sharply in Southeast Asia, and high-quality plastics have a key role to play here. With this new plant, we are now applying our many years of expertise in the treatment and processing of packaging made from post-consumer recycled resins in Thailand,' explained Bernd Wachter. 'This joint venture is a truly circular, eco-friendly project creating a compre-

hensive value chain for plastics in Thailand and is an excellent example of the world-wide use of Austrian green tech know-how,' added Georg Weingartner, the Austrian Commercial Counsellor in Bangkok.