Industry experts bat for free and fair trade at the Metal Recycling Confex

The Metal Recycling Confex, organized by Waste & Recycling MEA magazine, in association with Recycling Association of Africa (RAA), began with a panel discussion on global trade in a shifting regulatory landscape and expectations.

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March 15 2023
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Marc Natan, Senior Consultant, MANCO, highlighted how EU waste shipment rules can impact the recycling industry. Listing out the challenges in implementing the policies, he called for a revision of rules. He also highlighted the recent multiplication of EPR schemes that pose a serious risk to the recycling industry. 

Speaking about the impact of trade policies on the scrap market, moderator Salman Al Sharif, Founding Chairman, RAA, drew the audience's attention to the aspect that countries that do not have the capacity to recycle waste domestically will bear the brunt of restrictive rules. 

Francis Mugo, Chairman, Scrap Metal Council, Kenya, spoke about the recent economic developments in Kenya and that the government is keen on regulating the metal scrap trade. He also pointed out Kenya has been encouraging investments in the metal scrap business by making policies favourable for investors.  

HE Irshad Sumra, Regional President-East Africa, RAA, noted that Europe has turned its focus towards African countries for minerals and scrap.