In-Depth Features

  • Roadmap for Sustainable Waste Management in Saudi Arabia

    Industry experts from the waste management sector in Saudi Arabia explored the roadmap for sustainable waste management in the nation. Swaliha Shanavas writes.

    April 22 2022
  • The State of the Recycling Industry in Saudi Arabia

    Panelists at a roundtable session held recently provided an overview of recycling in the country and the opportunities, explored the changes in governance, strategy and what it meant specifically for the recycling sector in the Kingdom. Swaliha Shanavas reports.

    April 21 2022
  • Outlook For Scrap Metals Recycling Market

    Despite all the challenges, the global economy has recovered from the difficulties faced in 2020 and most recycling companies witnessed better performance in 2021. The outlook for 2022 seems bullish, say industry experts as they share invaluable insights on the significant developments, key concerns as well as opportunities in the metals recycling market.

    February 28 2022
  • Plastic Recycling Market Witnessing Upward Trend, But Challenges Remain

    “China and other Asian countries have begun the year on a bearish note with regard to demand and prices. Most prime virgin material prices, including those for engineering grades, are edging lower despite the new oil highs.”

    February 20 2022
  • Closing the loop on E-scrap: The missing links

    There are many challenges that need to be addressed including the legislative framework, data, infrastructure issues, technology, market investments, etc. to close the loop on e-scrap.

    December 30 2021
  • Responsible Partnership

    Industry expert stresses the importance of all players in the supply chain including shipping lines and the recycling industry working together as “responsible partners” to move “essential raw material” supporting carbon savings and climate change targets.

    July 28 2021