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Mondi and Thimonnier team up to make recyclable packaging for liquid soap refills

Companies launch a new recyclable mono-material berlingot sachet for liquid soap refill.

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April 11 2022
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Mondi, a leader in packaging and paper, has joined hands with French machine supplier Thimonnier to develop a recyclable packaging that reduces plastic waste. The companies announced they have created a new packaging for liquid refills that is designed so that it can be entirely emptied. The berlingot sachet is made from a recyclable mono-material, coextruded polyethylene (PE). It not only weighs less but also reduces plastic usage by more than 75 percent compared to rigid plastic bottles, as per the statement.  

The durable and leak-proof solution is said to allow consumers to smell the product inside, “a particularly useful feature for the liquid soaps it is designed to protect.” The lightweight material also makes it more convenient for customers, especially those who are buying in-store, said the company.

“Our goal working with Mondi was to find a packaging alternative with low environmental impact and good runnability. We are pleased to have found a solution that achieves both,” said Eric Duhoo, General Manager at Thimonnier.

For Mondi, the solution was further demonstration of the benefits of partnership and its importance to achieving a truly circular economy, said the company. “Our Mondi Action Plan 2030 (MAP2030) sustainability framework sets ambitious goals to tackle global issues across the value chain: creating circular-driven packaging and paper solutions that are made by empowered people taking action on climate. We are proud and excited to partner with customers like Thimonnier to achieve our goal of keeping materials in circulation and making a real difference,” said Olivier Werbrouck, Regional Sales Consumer Flexibles, Mondi.

MAP2030 includes a target to make 100 per cent of Mondi’s products reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025. The sustainability plan also includes other commitments and targets in relation to circular driven solutions, people and climate, all of which are said to be underpinned by a set of responsible business practices.  


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