Mai Dubai partners with school recycling drive #Simply Bottles

Initiative aimed at increasing recycling rates of plastic bottles in Dubai.

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March 14 2021
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Mai Dubai announced that it has partnered with DGrade to support its ‘Simply Bottles’ recycling initiative for schools. The initiative has been designed to educate, engage and empower children to contribute to sustainability by increasing recovery and recycling rates of plastic bottles in the UAE.

The campaign, which runs until June 2021, will see Mai Dubai engage teachers, students and parents at Dubai schools to raise awareness on the importance of recycling plastic water bottles, so that they can be turned into uniforms, PE kits and accessories. The production of clothing items from recycled plastic bottles diverts plastic from landfill and provides a sustainable alternative to conventional clothing production, as per the statement. Mai Dubai and DGrade will jointly organise activities to create awareness for sustainability, including a competition to help incentivise schools to increase collection rates of plastic bottles for recycling.

“We are aware of the importance Dubai government attaches to environmental sustainability in line with the UAE Vision 2021. Raising awareness among the youth is essential to bring about a fundamental change in this regard. Therefore, we are extremely pleased to partner with DGrade to support their ‘Simply Bottles’ initiative which strives to drive the recovery and recycling rates of plastic bottles in the UAE. The initiative aligns with Mai Dubai’s mission to be responsible to society and the environment and fits perfectly with the CSR objective to help close the recycling loop by reducing waste,” said Alexander van ‘t Riet, CEO of Mai Dubai.

“Sustainability impacts all of us, but none more so than future generations. Mai Dubai understands that which is why they are so keen to engage schools and work with us on this programme,” said DGrade’s Founder Kris Barber.  


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