Changemakers : Metal Recycling Industry

October 16 2022
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Riz Shaban is a third-generation family business owner of Lucky Group, a metal recycling and manufacturing group, currently based in Dubai, UAE. As the Director - Gulf Region, he leads a skilled team of experts to oversee the operations in more than 18 countries. He has spent most of his life in the UAE since childhood and has spent a few years in Toronto, Canada where he graduated in Business Administration. Lucky Group has operations in the Middle East, Pakistan, the US, Canada and China.

A target-oriented, cross-functional business leader with global industrial experience that spans over two decades. Travelling has always been a great passion for him as he continues to expand his global adventurism with already 47 countries visited including four where he has lived in. Advocating social entrepreneurship and giving back to the community are missions close to his heart. Shaban is a thought leader, global ambassador, sustainability advocate and third-gen family business member.