Mai Dubai records 40 per cent collection of 16-litre water bottles in six months

In collaboration with DGrade, it recycles the bottles into fibres, flakes, and yarns.

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Sustainable Initiatives
July 28 2022
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Mai Dubai, a leading bottled water company in the UAE, records 40 per cent collection of 16 litre PET water bottles from its direct consumers during the first six months of the year, as part of their rigorous sustainability efforts. 

According to the statement, the collection grew by 16 per cent from the previous year with Mai Dubai collecting the used PET bottles from the consumers, all free of charge. This is in line with the company’s commitment to foster and promote the practice of recycling, it read. 

Mai Dubai is an active partner of DGrade, a manufacturer of eco-friendly clothing. As part of the collaboration, DGrade helps collect bottles through different campaigns, and converts recyclable PET bottles into fibres, flakes, and yarns, perfectly suited for recycling operations. These materials are used to produce, for instance, t-shirts in the apparel industry. 

Alexander van ’t Riet, CEO of Mai Dubai said: "At Mai Dubai, we recognise the significance of sustainable initiatives and implement strategies to improve the efficiency of our business operations. We aim to serve our communities with safe and clean drinking water in a responsible manner. Our collection of bottles reminds consumers that used plastic bottles are not ‘garbage’ but a valuable resource.  The progress we made this year validates our efforts and shows that more and more consumers are committed make recycling a reality.”