• The Secret to Success in the Environmental Sector!

    Our special guest speaker Stuart Fleming, Co-founder and Managing Director of EnviroServe shares his insights on his journey of being a leading entrepreneur in the environmental space, his vision and journey from ideas to actions, goal setting, mentoring, working with the UAE government on environmental policy decisions, the start of Recycling hub, the world’s largest e-waste recycling facility and so much more...

    February 27 2024
  • Trash Matters : News Digest : EP 6

    Our latest episode is live!This episodes provides a quick recap of the latest information from the Waste & Recycling sectors.

    October 21 2022
  • Trash Matters : News Digest : EP 5

    In this new episode of Trash Matters, Ahmed Albatta speaks to us about the region's first Waste-to-Hydrogen facility, by Bee'ah using RODECS technology which will process non-recyclable plastic waste & waste wood to produce green hydrogen- the cleanest energy source!

    October 21 2022
  •  Trash Matters : Episode 4 : Keeping you updated and informed

    In this episode, let's take a quick rundown on 1. The new Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) facility inaugurated by Bee'ah Recycling in Sharjah2. Sharjah's ban on single-use plastic bags and materials 3. Kenya Plastic Pact's Roadmap 2030and more

    October 21 2022
  • Expert Talk with Sidney Lazarus, CEO, Non Ferrous Metal Works, Durban

    In the first episode of Trash Matters' Expert Talk, we are pleased to welcome Sidney Lazarus, CEO, Non Ferrous Metal Works, Durban, who gives us insights into the proposed ban on export of scrap metal from South Africa. Tune in as Lazarus explains...the complexity in dealing with trade of stolen copper cables in South Africathe new restrictions and legislation mooted by the SA government to deal with the issue the need for discussions and achieving consensus among all stakeholders. We encourage you to leave your feedback in the comment section and hit the like and share button before you go away.

    October 21 2022
  • Expert Talk with Salam Al Sharif

    In this episode, Salam Al Sharif, Chairman of Sharif Metals Group of Companies, sat down with Trash Matters for an exclusive interview on the metal scrap industry. He discusses the volatility and unpredictability of the scrap metal market, the evolution of the metal industry over six decades and the opportunities for the Middle East region.

    September 30 2022
  • Trash Matters: Episode 3: News Digest

    August has been a busy month for the Waste & Recycling industries. Here's all that you need to know about the latest happenings.South Africa considers a six-month ban on the export of scrap metal and the ISRI has announced that it does not recognise plastics-to-fuel technology as recycling. Meanwhile, Qatar, the host of the FIFA world cup, has committed to reducing 60% of waste at the tournament from going to landfills. Listen in, as we also bring in quarterly reports on paper and plastic recycling markets.

    October 21 2022
  •  Trash Matters : News Digest : EP-2

    What’s the buzz in the Waste and Recycling industries? While the UAE was prepping for its back-to-back Waste-to-Energy projects, battery recycling became a topic of discussion in the U.S. and India. Listen to our Tony Smith, VP, Safety, ISRI, tell us about the need for guidelines for the safe recycling of lithium batteries…

    August 1 2022
  • Trash Matters : Check Out Our New Podcast Channel

    Catch up on news summaries, interviews and discussions on waste management, recycling, circular economy, policies, regulations and everything that matters in the world of Waste & Recycling.

    July 15 2022
  • A conversation with Majda Rochdi, Director, Marketing & Communications at UD Trucks Middle East

    In this special episode of ‘Breakfast Bytes’, we talk with Majda Rochdi, Director, Marketing & Communications at UD Trucks Middle East, as she shares with us her views and experience in the automotive sector.

    April 14 2022
  • Talking Circular Economy & Plastics with Adrienna Zsakay

    This episode is brought to you by Waste & Recycling Middle East & Africa magazine where we discuss Circular Economy with a special focus on plastics, with Adrienne Zsakay, CEO of Circular Economy Asia.

    July 22 2020
  • Leading Waste management & Recycling companies of 2019

    Many governments in the region have started taking proactive measures to ensure sustainable solutions are in place to achieve their waste diversion goals.

    January 28 2020
  • COVID-19: Talking Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)with Malek Sukkar

    In our latest episode of Breakfast Bytes, CEO of Averda, Malek Sukkar discussed key issues related to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the context of COVID-19.

    July 22 2020
  • COVID-19: Medical Waste Management Practices

    These are the most challenging times for the healthcare and waste management sectors, and one cannot emphasise enough the significance of effective medical waste management practices.

    May 5 2020
  • Waste & Recycling Middle East - We're expanding our REACH!

    This week's episode is a rather special one for the Waste & Recycling Middle East magazine as we make a very BIG Announcement! We are expanding our reach to another emerging market (find out which one in the episode) that offers a lot of opportunities for the industry.

    March 18 2020
  • MEWAR Awards 2019 - Highligths

    This week, we discuss the highlights from the Middle East Waste & Recycling Awards (MEWAR Awards) 2019 that was held recently at The Ritz-Carlton JBR, Dubai, UAE.

    March 18 2020