Istanbul Group Wins Contract to Operate and Maintain Material Recovery Facility for Dibba Municipality

According to the agreement between Dibba Municipality and Istanbul Group, the company will operate and manage the material recovery facility for a period of five years.

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September 12 2021
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Istanbul Group of Companies announced that Dibba Municipality has awarded the Group a five-year contract to operate and maintain the material recovery facility (MRF) for the municipality. This agreement marks a new phase in the Group’s expansion in the United Arab Emirates.

Dibba Municipality has so far been responsible for the collection of domestic solid waste and management of the material recovery facility. All the municipal solid waste collected arrives at the MRF for segregation, while all other types of waste like bulky waste, agricultural waste, etc., is transported to the landfill. The MRF offers two sorting lines for municipal solid waste capable of processing 500 tons of material per day. It was installed and equipped by Kiverco and boasts semi-automated and manual sorting processes designed to handle recyclables that are fully co-mingled. The technology adopted enhance recovery efficiency and the quality of materials recovered. After recovery of recyclables from the waste, the residual waste is sent to landfill. The municipality also cooperates with the UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment for various environmental programmes.

“The material recovery facility has been in operation for about five years. We have made substantial investment in the plant and we are now handing over the facility to Istanbul Group for operating and managing the same,” said Eng. Hassan Al Yammahi, Director General, Dibba Municipality. They are not expecting returns in terms of monetary value, but in terms of environmental protection, he added. With the modern technology for processing the waste at the MRF, they are able to recover substantial amounts of recyclables at the facility, helping divert about 50- 55 percent of the waste from the landfill, he noted.

On awarding the contract to Istanbul Group, Eng. Hassan said in line with their sustainability goals, they were happy to have Istanbul Group expand their scope of operations to include the MRF, which is a key contributor to the municipality’s success in waste management. “Istanbul Group is one of the leading and valued waste management and environmental recycling companies in the country and we chose them to manage the facility due to their capabilities and track record of accomplishments in waste management. I wish them success and I am sure that it will be a win-win situation for both the municipality and the Group,” he noted.

As part of their environmental objectives, the municipality is contemplating an enhanced landfill management strategy and will also focus on scientific management of construction and demolition (C&D) waste, said the Director General. There are a lot of construction and demolition activities taking place all over UAE including Dibba, and over the past four to five years construction waste material has increased ten times as compared to the earlier period, he remarked, also expressing the hope that they would have the required infrastructure in place to manage this waste soon. In addition, Dibba generates huge quantities of agricultural waste and there are plans to have necessary facilities in place to treat this waste in the near future.

“Istanbul Group is a trusted partner of municipalities for environmental services across the UAE. We are delighted to have been awarded this contract and pleased to extend our services to Dibba Municipality, utilizing our workforce, fleet resources and industry experience to ensure successful operations in the city,” said Kashif Javed Anjum, Group CEO, Istanbul Group & Al Kashif Group.

“We are happy to sign the agreement with Dibba Municipality. This is a huge vote of confidence in our capabilities that the municipality has displayed in choosing us for the project,” said Eng. Elsanousi Adam Elsanousi, Business Development Manager at Istanbul Group.

In terms of financial investment, he said they were looking to invest around AED 10 million for the operations. “We look forward to continuing our cooperation with them in other areas. We also have some plans for setting up a composting plant as a lot of organic waste is being generated here,” he stated. They are eager to participate in new projects in the future to manage other important streams as well, he commented. “This is just the beginning and we look forward to continue our fruitful partnership in bigger projects in the future.”

In Fujairah, the group has a contract for the collection of recyclables in Masafi landfill and is now in talks with the municipality for operating their MRF, said Kashif Javed Anjum. He explained that the agreement with Dibba Municipality was a significant one and that the plant with two sorting lines will function with sufficient manpower and basic operating staff of at least six persons to manage the overall operations. “This includes the sorting of waste at the facility, collecting the recyclables and transporting the remaining waste to the landfill. As part of the fiveyear contract, we will be collecting materials from the landfill as well,” he remarked.

“We are proud that we now have a presence in all seven emirates,” Afrasayab Muhammad Javed Anjum, Group Managing Director, Istanbul Group of Companies. “This new contract is an opportunity for our workers to gain more expertise in MRF operations as we have plans to enhance our capabilities and extend our operations to larger facilities. We will create a rotating schedule so all our staff get a fair chance to better understand various aspects of operating a material recovery facility.”


About Istanbul Group

Istanbul Group of Companies (also incorporates Al Kashif Group) was established in the Year 1995 with the aim of providing sustainable environmental development by recovery and processing of recyclables and reducing the waste going to the landfill. With over 25 years of presence in the market, the company handles collection of all recyclable materials from different waste streams in an environmentally friendly manner for further processing into re-useable components for sustainable development. The group has the requisite staff, facilities and equipment to perform the demanding job of waste recycling, with over 1500 trained staff and all necessary resources including forklifts, pickup trucks, trailer units, JCBs, buses, SUVs, and cars. It also has several large and medium-sized warehouses with full environmental controls to store the collected recyclables, segregate, process, and transport them to the customers in an eco-friendly manner.

The Group’s comprehensive business offerings include: Waste recyclable collection and treatment; Recyclable collection from landfills, material recovery facility (MRF) and Transfer Station; Ferrous and nonferrous metal scrap trading; Steel products Trading; Plastic scrap trading; Cardboard and waste paper trading; Post-consumer utilization of recovered materials; Green waste and wood waste recycling; Inert waste recycling; Waste management consulting services; Environmental assessments for recycling; Environmental awareness and recycling programmes; Health, safety, and environmental management systems; Sustainable development consulting.

Istanbul Group of Companies has over the years developed a positive reputation for the services offered to clients and has established a strong presence in all the seven emirates. The group has contracts with Dubai municipality; Ras Al Khaimah municipality; Fujairah municipality; Abu Dhabi municipality; Ajman municipality and Umm Al Quwain municipality besides forming strong partnerships with other government entities and waste management and recycling companies.

The Group CEO said Istanbul Group, a leading provider of environmental services, also aims to expand its business focus by investing in refuse derived fuel (RDF) plants for alternate energy, conversion of waste plastics to fuels, wood waste recycling, composting, metals recycling, among others. Kashif Javed Anjum said one other major goal is to promote sustainable collaborations between businesses and local governments to support the formation of new public-private partnerships in waste management and recycling.

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