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Circular Economy

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Let the circularity dialogue begin

Waste & Recycling MEA magazine presents the region’s key conference on Waste Management & Circular Economy on December 14, 2022.

Governments, businesses and civil society are increasingly recognising that a shift to a circular economy is crucial for sustainable development. Everything about the take-make-waste system should change - from designing, manufacturing, consumption and disposal of a product. The transformation from a linear to a circular economy is impossible without a collaborative pathway and a strong commitment from all stakeholders towards sustainable management of waste and resources.

The Waste Management & Circular Economy conference will bring together key players in waste management and recycling: government agencies, manufacturers, technology providers, businesses, innovators and industry experts. There will be exchange of information, ideas and examples of circular economy.

The panel discussions and presentations will examine how policies and regulations can advance circularity; how businesses can collaborate and strategies to overcome the hurdles and continue to progress and how technological innovations can make this transition smooth. Not to mention the networking opportunities at the event, which will enable the development of new partnerships and strengthening of existing ones.

A line-up of expert speakers will present views, insights and success stories on achieving circular economy through masterly waste management and recycling strategies. Experts will throw light on new business models with focus on circular economy and their critical role in reducing waste and preserving resources.

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Who should attend?

Industry professionals from all waste sectors, government authorities, waste management companies, manufacturers, recyclers, traders, retailers, technology providers, academicians and any member of the public interested in the subject.

who should attend

Waste management companies


Recycling & processing specialists, traders

Technology providers

Municipal authorities


Supply chain & Circular Economy specialists

Software solutions

Consultants & Research institutes

Government & Environment agencies

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Buyer-Seller Meet

Our appointment-based Buyer-Seller Meet programme will offer a one-to-one meeting opportunity between potential business partners. This allows you to set up a meeting with your client before the event. Schedule, connect and forge a partnership at the venue by registering below.


  • Meet national and international buyers
  • Form new strategic partnerships
  • Generate more business
  • Expand your operations

Key Benefits

Connect with key industry leaders, recyclers, traders, government entities, and other industry groups and experts.

Update yourself with the latest analysis and gain a deep understanding of the circular economy.

Thought leadership insights on the future of waste management and roadmap to circularity.

High-level networking opportunities.

Witness and learn about modern equipment and technologies that are advancing the circular economy.

Gain market insights and align your circular-economy business models to remain competitive.

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