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Our Influential Series 2022

January 3 2023
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AVERDA is a leading waste management and recycling company, providing a broad and specialised range of services to over 55,000 clients across the private and public sectors. These include the municipal authorities of major cities and household names in a wide range of sectors including oil & gas, automotive, retail and hospitality. The comapny was founded in 1964 and is headquartered in the UAE. Averda is increasingly focusing on providing sustainable solutions which extract value from waste, reducing use of the planet’s limited natural resources and driving the circular economy. The company’s portfolio of services ranges from collecting bins and cleaning city streets to sorting, composting, recycling and disposing of household waste as well as safely managing highlyregulated hazardous waste streams including medical waste and dangerous chemicals. It operates in full compliance with international standards for quality control wherever it operates, currently: UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Morocco, South Africa, Congo and India.


 2022 marked the launch of Averda’s Used Cooking Oil (UCO) service and environment services to support renewable fuels initiative in the UAE. This UCO service is one of several new sustainable waste services for Averda, all part of our 3-year corporate strategy “Renew”, which focuses on addressing the urgent challenge of the climate crisis while unlocking value from waste.

Averda also signed on a number of new contracts with residential communities and major government projects in the GCC, providing them advanced sustainable waste management solutions to support their Net Zero targets and drive waste away from landfills. It entered into partnership with the master developer Nakheel as the primary waste and sustainability partner for the Discovery Gardens community in Dubai. During 2022, the company secured two major green investment loans – a $30M loan from the IFC and a $45M loan from the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation for its sustainable projects.


Averda has many years of international experience in the waste management sector. It draws upon this extensive experience and expertise to provide sustainable waste management solutions successfully in the market where its client is based. Averda is among the few companies that can offer its clients end-to-end services.


 The company has some very exciting projects in the pipeline with both new and existing clients. These projects involve the use of cutting-edge technology that currently isn’t being utilised in the region. In addition, it is partnering with big names to bring innovative technology and new sustainability solutions to the market. The green investment loans secured by Averda in 2022 are allowing it to invest in plastic recycling facilities in several countries, starting with the markets which need this technology the most. Averda also recently announced its partnership with WasteFuel, a developer of bio-refineries focused on converting Municipal Solid Waste into low-carbon fuels, to develop the first commercial scale municipal waste to renewable methanol plant in the Middle East. The plant will produce renewable methanol for shipping from unrecyclable waste currently being collected and disposed of by Averda.

“The secret behind Averda’s success is our staff. Our staff make it their mission to work closely with clients on every step of their sustainability journey. They work with clients to provide innovative solutions to help organisations achieve their sustainability objectives,” said Malek Sukkar, CEO, Averda.