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It is surely a challenging period for all communities and businesses across the world. In a matter of months, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected almost all countries and caused major business disruptions that have impacted all sectors including the waste recycling industry.

Waste & Recycling Middle East and Africa brings to you an exclusive webinar series featuring a range of waste management and recycling experts. The series of in-depth discussions will cover wide-ranging topics, providing information and insights on the current crisis due to the pandemic, key developments in the industry, short- and long-term risks, lessons learnt as well as the possibilities as various sectors within the industry try to cope and make plans to overcome the obstacles and ensure business continuity in these troubled times.




    May 2020

  • Enhanced cleaning and disinfection to prevent COVID-19 – Middle East Perspectives

    With the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, cleaning and hygiene have become the highest priority for everyone around the world. Concerned government entities and private companies are taking necessary preventive measures. In this webinar, experts will share their experiences and approach to tackling the current situation highlighting the stringent processes in place.

Khamis Al-Siyabi Head of Department, MSW Operations,
be’ah Oman
Rafael Sanjurjo Lopez CEO of Tandeef,
Dr. Naseem M. Rafee Director of Health and Safety Department,
Dubai Municipality
18 May 2020 3.30 PM (UAE TIME)

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    June 2020

  • Effects of COVID-19 on Plastic Recycling markets and possibilities

    In this webinar, panelists will share their observations and analyse the effects and likely long-term impact of the coronavirus on the plastics recycling sector, and how it could possibly push industry toward a circular economy approach.

Dr. Steve Wong Founder & CEO
Fukutomi Recycling Ltd., Hong Kong
Shailendra Singh Member,
Environment & Recycling Committee, AIPMA
Surendra Borad Chairman,
Gemini Corporation N.V., Belgium
04 June 2020 3.30 PM (UAE TIME)

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  • COVID-19 and Medical Waste Management

    Under this theme, panelists will explore the various issues, precautions and prevention measures required in the healthcare and waste sectors, as well as awareness, practical measures and best practices related to handling infectious waste generated in households.

Eng. Naji Al Radhi Waste Management and Treatment Expert,
Dubai Municipality
Andre-Louis Brenier General Manager,
Suez Middle East Recycling
Youssef Barake Business Development Director UAE,
25 June 2020 2.30 PM (UAE TIME)

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    July 2020

  • Trends in Sustainable Packaging & Possibilities

    Our next session in the series of webinars as part of W&RMEA Virtual Forum brings together industry experts to discuss trends in sustainable packaging. Panelists will share their insights on the present scenario, examine developments in sustainable packaging, the challenges including the pandemic’s effects on community initiatives, and touch upon innovative solutions and change in approach to adopting suitable strategies for a more sustainable future.

Pankaj Poddar Chief Executive Officer,
Cosmo Films
Adwoa Coleman Africa Sustainability & Advocacy Manager,
Packaging and Specialty Plastics at Dow
Waseem Jeenah Senior R&D Plastic Sustainability Manager, NAMET
23 July 2020 2.30 PM (UAE TIME)

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    September 2020

  • Impact of Covid-19 on copper recycling sector and outlook

    Under this theme, panelists will examine the effects of the coronavirus on the industry and response, as well as the likely business scenario in post-crisis recovery.

Mayank Pareek Partner,
Jain Metal Group
Engr. Nikolay Gushevilov Raw Materials Procurement
Middle East & Balkans,
Metallo Group
Engr. Salam Sharif Chairman, Sharif Metals Group
Hon. Chairman, BMR
Chairman, Ambassadors Committee BIR
14 September 2020 2.30 PM (UAE TIME

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  • Understanding the Impact of Covid-19 on Recovered Paper markets

    A presentation will examine the key trends, factors influencing the market and possible short and long-term impact of the coronavirus pandemic on recovered paper markets.


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