Bee’ah and Greek firm launch joint venture to tackle marine pollution

Greek-owned Polygreen joins hands with Bee’ah to launch Evogreen, a JV that will offer innovative marine and environmental management solutions.

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Waste Management
June 12 2021
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Bee’ah and Greek-owned company Polygreen have launched Evogreen, a joint venture that offers innovative marine and environmental management solutions, announced Bee’ah. The newly established company tackles marine pollution through advanced waste management solutions to keep oceans pristine and by joining forces, Bee’ah and Polygreen are setting a new benchmark for environmental cooperation in the wider Middle East Region, as per the statement.  

“We are proud to establish Evogreen, our joint venture with our Greek partners, which showcases the potential of cross-border efforts to tackle global environmental concerns. I am confident that through our shared expertise and experience, Evogreen will take the lead in promoting best practices in the maritime waste management industry and achieve remarkable outcomes for the UAE and wider region,” said H.E. Salim Bin Mohamed Al Owais, Chairman of Bee’ah.

“Marine ecosystems are crucial to the stability of our planet and protecting our oceans from waste and pollution is a great responsibility. Bee’ah, renowned for its integrated waste management and circular economy solutions, is delighted to partner with Polygreen, a company which shares our values and vision for sustainability. We are proud to be furthering the UAE’s specialized waste treatment recycling capabilities, and leverage international cooperation to help protect our seas,” commented H.E. Khaled Al Huraimel, Group CEO of Bee’ah.

“The launch of Evogreen is a milestone regarding the global effort to protect the environment and address the challenge of climate change. Polygreen is proud to join forces with Bee’ah and provide its expertise and infrastructure to further develop networks in the wider Middle East region. Through this joint venture, a fruitful bond is being established between Greece and the UAE, fostering the bilateral relations and paving a promising path,” said Athanasios Polychronopoulos, Founder and CEO of Polygreen.

Evogreen has already established an alternative raw material unit within Bee’ah’s waste management complex, Sharjah, and is building an alternative solid fuel facility, to process waste streams such as sludge, and convert it into alternative fuel that can be used in cement manufacturing, the companies said.  

Both facilities will collect, recycle and recover hazardous and non-hazardous waste from ships visiting ports in the UAE. Evogreen will also provide oil spill response services, management of distressed vessels, cargo and abandoned containers including recycling or recovery solutions, repair or refurbishment works; green ship recycling and establishing an environmental laboratory, as per the statement.



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