Beiersdorf to use SABIC’s certified renewable PP for cosmetics packaging

The new packaging products to be introduced in the market in 2021.

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Plastic Recycling
December 11 2020
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Sabic announced that Beiersdorf will be using certified renewable polypropylene (PP) from the company’s TRUCIRCLE portfolio of “second generation” bio-based materials in the skincare company’s cosmetics packaging. The new packaging products will be introduced in the market in 2021 and replace fossil-based virgin PP.

Sabic’s certified renewable polymers, including various PP and polyethylene (PE) materials, are derived from animal-free and palm oil-free “‘second generation”’ renewable feedstock, such as tall oil waste from the wood pulping process in the paper industry, which is not in direct competition with human food and animal feed production sources, said the company.

“The use of renewable raw materials in our product packaging represents a major lever for us to reduce our carbon emissions and improve our ecological footprint,” said Michael Becker, Head of Global Packaging Development at Beiersdorf. “We are proud to be the first in our mass market segment to use polypropylene made from renewable, plant-based raw materials as a packaging material for our cosmetic products, and we are pleased to have a strong, experienced partner with SABIC. Together, we take an important next step towards achieving our ambitious sustainability targets.”

As part of its Care Beyond Skin Sustainability Agenda with ambitious targets to be implemented by 2025, Beiersdorf wants to make its packaging 100 percent refillable, reusable or recyclable, increase the share of recycled material in plastic packaging to 30 percent and reduce the use of fossil-based virgin plastic by 50 percent (compared to 2019).

“We are very pleased to welcome Beiersdorf on our journey towards transforming the plastics industry into a circular and sustainable economy,” commented Sergi Monros, Vice President of Performance Polymers & Industry Solutions for Petrochemicals at Sabic. “Innovative cosmetics packaging using our certified renewable PP and PE polyolefins can make a significant contribution to reducing the fossil depletion and greenhouse gas emissions. The plant-based materials provide easy drop-in solutions to existing fossil-based plastic conversion processes and applications, without compromises on purity, quality, safety or convenience. SABIC is determined to help support its partners in benefiting from this potential.”


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