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BIR 2020 Annual Report: Quickly adapting to the challenge of new realities

The Bureau of International Recycling (BIR) released its 2020 Annual Report that highlights key recycling industry developments and data.

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May 31 2021
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The Bureau of International Recycling (BIR) today released its 2020 Annual Report that highlights key recycling industry developments and data as well as the organization’s activities on behalf of its membership. The report was launched during the opening address delivered by BIR President Tom Bird at the start of the 2021 online World Recycling Convention & Exhibition aimed at keeping the BIR membership and the wider recycling community informed during this prolonged period of business and economic uncertainty.

The publication features reports from BIR’s President, Director General and Treasurer, and provides data and expert insights from BIR’s eight commodity divisions and committees. The Annual Report also reflects the key achievements and concerns of the organization’s cross-commodity bodies - the International Environment Council and the International Trade Council - as well as activity reports from the special committees dealing with organizational matters within BIR.

“Whereas 2019 was a year of relative stability, 2020 was the complete opposite,” said BIR President Tom Bird. “COVID-19 set challenges for our industry - and for society in general - which we had never previously encountered. As ever, the recycling industry demonstrated its renowned ability to adapt to ever-changing circumstances and to carry on with its environmentally and economically crucial work. BIR as an organization also succeeded in adapting remarkably quickly to the changes brought about by the pandemic, including the launch of online Conventions and finding new ways to communicate with our national association members.”

“On the one hand,” Bird added, “this Annual Report underlines the many difficulties that arose during 2020. On the other, it reflects the robustness of our industry and its many triumphs over adversity during a tumultuous year for us all.” According to BIR, the 2020 Annual Report also confirms that the organisation’s membership has remained stable, uniting over 700 members in 70 countries. The report is available electronically in English on the BIR website.


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