Imdaad unveils ‘ViroSheild by Vision Safety’ disinfection tunnel

Imdaad has announced the launch of its new disinfection tunnel, ViroSheild by Vision Safety, as part of its efforts to help create cleaner and safer communities.

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April 14 2020
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Vision Safety, a subsidiary of Imdaad that takes a sustainable, 360-degree approach to the installation and maintenance of fire detection and protection systems, will offer the new solution to communities, government entities, and companies in the country.

The fully automatic tunnel, which is equipped with motion sensors, sprays users with a mist that disinfects clothes as they walk through it. The disinfectants and equipment used in the tunnel are compliant with Dubai Municipality’s guidelines for cleaning and disinfection and are also safe and environment-friendly. The company has developed two variants, with high pressure and low pressure disinfection tunnels to fit the different requirements of customers. The heavy-duty variant is meant for industrial fogging, while the low capacity variant is designed to meet the needs of communities, as per the statement.

“As a company committed to providing services that offer superior value to its customers, Imdaad has a keen focus on pursuing innovation to find solutions for new and future needs. The development of our ViroSheild by Vision Safety disinfection tunnel is a testament to our capabilities and also represents our unremitting commitment to contributing to the UAE government’s efforts to create a clean, healthy and sustainable urban environment in the country. We are confident that the new solution will help address the disinfection and sanitization requirements of businesses and the people of this nation,” said Jamal Abdulla Lootah, Group CEO, Imdaad.

Based on the needs and requirements of costumers, the company said it is also making available tunnel models for trucks and cars, which can be fixed on passenger routes in airports. Imdaad engineers are working on a model that can be installed inside airplanes following the requirements of operators and civil aviation authorities. ViroSheild by Vision Safety will prove beneficial in malls, hospitals, construction sites, labor accommodations, and residential areas, among others.