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Tadweer reopens Ghayathi crusher in Al Dhafra Region

The facility has the capacity to handle 2,000 tons of construction and demolition waste per day.

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February 14 2021
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Abu Dhabi Waste Management Centre (Tadweer) announced the reopening of Ghayathi Crusher in Al Dhafra Region as part of the Centre's strategic plan to promote environmental sustainability and develop an integrated waste management system in Abu Dhabi.

Aimed to lower construction and demolition (C&D) waste in the Emirate, the facility can handle 2,000 tons of C&D waste per day. Incorporating the latest standards in C&D waste management, the crusher can produce high-quality aggregate for the construction of vital infrastructure projects such as roads to contribute to the sustainable development of Al Dhafra Region. According to the statement, in diverting significant amount of C&D waste away from landfills and turning it into useful materials, the crusher helps lower greenhouse gas emission and contributes to the creation of green jobs in the region.

The recycling process at Ghayathi crusher starts with the careful examination of C&D waste to ensure that it meets the quality requirements and is free from non-recyclable materials. The waste is then measured and manually segregated from other recyclable materials such as plastic and wood, and passed through air pumps to get rid of any impurities. Then the material is transferred to the main crusher to extract the recycled aggregate in the required sizes.

Ghayathi crusher articulates Tadweer’s strategy of meeting the demand for recycled aggregates from the emirate’s crushers and use them in vital projects in collaboration with other government entities and private sector partners.

“Tadweer’s move to reopen Ghayathi crusher is aligned with its continued efforts to fulfil Abu Dhabi’s vision of diverting 75% of its waste away from landfills. The crushers run by Tadweer play an important role in achieving this target through recycling huge quantities of C&D waste and turning them into useful materials to use in vital projects in Al Dhafra region and across the country. Marking a key milestone in Tadweer’s efforts to reduce C&D waste, the project translates into a positive impact on our environment and benefits local economy by reducing costs related to construction materials,” said H.E. Dr Salem Al Kaabi, Director General of Tadweer.

“The Ghayathi crusher will significantly contribute to the development of an integrated waste management system in the Emirate, offering environmentally-friendly solutions to our construction-based industries. Furthermore, the project goes a long way in preserving our natural resources, protecting the environment, and minimizing pollution associated with C&D waste. All operations at the Ghayathi crusher comply with the highest international standards and practices, and the materials generated by the facility will play a critical role in driving construction and infrastructure development in the region,” he added.


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