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ISRI announces changes to the Plastic Specifications in the Scrap Specifications Circular

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February 27 2017
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The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) announced that changes made to the plastic specifications have been published in the Scrap Specifications Circular. These specification changes were approved by the ISRI Board of Directors during the fall 2016 Board Meeting in Salt Lake City. The plastic specification changes can be found on pages 42-48. These changes were approved to better reflect what commodities are being traded in the marketplace in order to assist members in the buying and selling of materials and products, as per ISRI.

They were developed in consultation with plastic scrap recycling industry members and other plastics industry associations. The Circular was also updated to reflect the June 30, 2017 deadline extension of the deletion of certain old paper specifications. ISRI’s scrap specifications are internationally recognised guidelines used by buyers and sellers of recycled materials and products including nonferrous and ferrous scrap, glass cullet, paper stock, plastic, electronics, and tire scrap. ISRI says the specifications are intended to assist in the trading of scrap commodities and are regularly reviewed and updated to reflect the expanding range of commercially recyclable materials.