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Tadweer workshop on E-Manifest System

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Tadweer- The Center of Waste Management Abu Dhabi conducted a workshop on E-Manifest Project under the name of “Bolisaty” (my policy) during its participation in Gitex Week 2016. A presentation was given with the objective of raising awareness on the E-manifest, its use, goals and features. The three-day workshop was held at Abu Dhabi Municipality’s Theater, which saw 1200 participants representing 900 organisations, including companies producing more than 250 tons of waste per year, environmental services providers and wastereceiving facilities. Attendees were able to directly interact with field experts and Tadweer representatives who clarified the implementation process of the “Bolisaty” system. Participants showed willingness to apply the system considering the positive impact it will have in terms of efficiency; it ensures the accuracy of waste information dealt with and enables companies to control waste quantity and disposal at any point. Eng. Hussein Al Amoudi, Head of Licensing Department, Tadweer said, “Our objective is to encourage all organisations to play an active role in the community and support the e-transformation of services to avoid paperwork. Tadweer will initiate the application of “Bolisaty” system on December 4, 2016.”