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Modern Cleaning & Trading Company (MCC)

Our Influential Series 2022

January 3 2023
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Registered in 2008, Modern Cleaning & Trading Company (MCC) is a leading waste collection company, headquartered in Doha. It offers a wide range of waste management services across Qatar, including garbage removal for residential and commercial property, sweeping and cleaning of streets and facilities in residential complexes, waste segregation and recycling services and skip removal service for general and domestic waste.

MCC is the chief supplier of waste containers or municipality approved bins and garbage skip loader - Compactor - Hook Lift.It offers beach sweepers, also known as beach cleaning machines, to ensure the cleanliness of local and public beaches in Doha. Beach Sweepers are suitable for public and private beaches owners and organisers, lifeguard cooperatives, and contractors. Beach cleaner are specially used for sand cleaning. Beach sand cleaning equipment is available at MCC. Bobcat beach cleaner and sweepers are effective in cleaning beaches, even the ones with the worst hygienic conditions. Sand cleaning machines and beach sweeper have large mesh grids, making them effective on agricultural land.

MCC does not only offers the service for beach sand cleaning and sweeping, it also offers beach cleaning machine for sale as well as beach cleaning equipment for sale. It also offers cleaning services such as providing housekeeping cleaners. It is a main garbage bins supplier in Doha, Qatar for municipality approved bins. MCC has a massive range of vacuum road cleaning machines, known as road sweepers, that make the cleaning process of spaces easy and quick. All its road brooming machines are backed by high-quality, efficient service and are well maintained.

The company consistently works towards a fresh sustainable and pollution free atmosphere by developing waste management strategies and ensures a green and clean environment. It follows the 5 R’s which are Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle. “Incorporating these five main strategies into your business leads to waste reduction and recycling efforts that will minimise landfill waste and help take your segregation recycling program to the next level.,” said Kinan Al Sayed Ahmad, CEO and General Manager, MCC. MCC tailors its services to meet the needs of each customer groups to ensure consistent, superior service at local level and that makes it a leading service provider, he added.

MCC has a huge fleet consisting of around 100 fleets between skip loaders, compactors & hook lifts which makes MCC the biggest waste management company in Qatar. MCC has direct contracts with the biggest recycling companies in Doha, where different kinds of waste are being segregated and transferred to different recycling factories. MCC has its own fleet management software where the client is able to request waste collection service through an app, which makes the service very smooth and developed.

The biggest highlights in 2022 was MCC’s contribution to waste management in the Fifa World Cup 2022. It offered its services at projects such as fan camps and fan zones in the Lusail, Doha & Wakra area. The company was also responsible for all the waste coming out of the Qatar National Day events that ran from till end of December.

“MCC tailors its services to meet the needs of each customer groups to ensure consistent, superior service at local level and that makes it a leading service provider”