AUTOSORT FLAKE: Upgrading plastics at high purity and quality levels

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Plastic Recycling
February 22 2017
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In global terms, PET bottle recycling is the most widely established plastics recycling application, yet historically, many recycling companies have struggled to meet the high purity and quality levels customers demand for food grade recycled PET (rPET) flakes. AUTOSORT-FLAKE Unique multitasking solution To remedy this situation, TOMRA Sorting’s next generation AUTOSORT FLAKE offers an industry-first, bottles-to-flake solution for upgrading plastics, which has been designed with the needs of the plastics recycling industry in mind. TOMRA´s new flake sorter is the first system to simultaneously combine colour detection, enhanced material information, and metal detection, to maximise recovery of the high-quality recycled products now demanded by customers in today’s discerning markets. In comparison with TOMRA’s first generation flake sorter, introduced in 2010, the current AUTOSORT FLAKE can do the same job as two older units, with much greater precision and thus a considerable reduction in the loss of good material. Real-time control, premium output The first installation of the new generation AUTOSORT FLAKE was completed on behalf of the French company Regene Atlantique, part of the SUEZ Group. Regene Atlantique operates a PET recycling plant in Bayonne, in south-west France, where four AUTOSORT (bottle sorting) units and a new AUTOSORT FLAKE have been installed in 2015. Using this bespoke combination of technology, Regene Atlantique has been able to optimise its PET recycling operations and achieve the quality levels specified by some of the world’s largest soft drinks companies. High-quality product yield has increased by 200%, which has resulted in considerably higher revenues. The company can now monitor and control process parameters in real time via a central control computer (CCC), which has significantly improved the efficiency of the company’s production. In a nutshell: TOMRA’s new AUTOSORT FLAKE delivers high throughput, high consistency and high product yield, resulting in higher profits for customers in the plastics recycling industry.