Fastfood trays combine ocean waste plastic with a natural defence mechanism against germs

ZincIn AS and Parx Materials have collaborated to release a new food tray made from recycled ocean waste plastic with a natural defence mechanism against germs.

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Plastic Recycling
June 18 2020
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They have transformed old plastic fishing nets into fast food serving trays that come with some special features. They are fitted with a unique technology that keeps the trays clean constantly. This technology integrates in the plastic a body’s own trace element that normally is vital for your body’s immune system. They way this element is defending your body against bacteria and viruses is now ingeniously integrated making the surface of the plastic material resistant to all germs, keeping the surface hygienic without adhesion and proliferation of these germs. Official third-party testing following international protocols show that there will be >99,9% lesser germs on these new trays compared to the trays you used to use.

Working with the Parx Materials antimicrobial technology sparked a whole new array of possibilities that can bring benefits and advantages to our lives,” said Christoffersen. “Combining it with the NOPREC recycled material that has served our food chain already before and now once again, seemed a logical step.” Inspired by the vision and product concepts of ZincIn, Parx Materials also joined Christoffersen as a shareholder and board member in ZincIn, making it a strong alliance for the Scandinavian market and beyond, with more interesting products ahead. The first customer has already signed-up taking over 10.000 of these ocean waste hygienic serving trays.