SABIC, DSM and Viscofan launch innovative multi-layer film for meat packaging

The multi-barrier packaging film, manufactured by Viscofan is designed to help extend the shelf life of products, thus reducing food waste.

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December 3 2020
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SABIC announced it has collaborated with DSM and Viscofan in the development of an innovative multi-barrier film for meat casings. The film combines layers of a Sabic’s certified circular polyethylene (PE) from its TRUCIRCLE portfolio and a circular polyamide (PA) from DSM Engineering Materials in a more sustainable packaging solution without compromising the high functional and aesthetic performance required in the fresh food packaging market.

The resulting multi-barrier packaging film, manufactured by Viscofan, a world leader in casings for meat products, is designed to help extend the shelf life of products, thus reducing food waste and effectively mitigating the depletion of fossil resources by capturing the value of used plastic as a feedstock for new food-grade materials, as per the statement.

“This successful project is notable proof of our determination to partner with players across the value chain willing to share our drive in the industry for implementing a truly circular plastics economy,” said Fahad Al-Swailem, Vice President, PE Business and Sales of Petrochemicals at Sabic. “Relationships like these are instrumental in bringing commercially viable and more sustainable solutions to the packaging market. The certified circular products from our TRUCIRCLE portfolio can help support our environment and can help both packaging manufacturers and the food industry address their sustainability objectives and help stop plastic becoming waste.”

Sabic said it provided certified circular benzene made from feedstock recycling to Cepsa – a global energy and chemical supplier, who manufactured certified circular phenol that is used as a building block in production process for DSM’s circular PA. “By introducing circular PA, we are taking an exciting next step in our sustainability journey towards expanding DSM’s comprehensive materials portfolio by 2030 with a full range of bio-based and/or recycle-based alternatives. The co-development of a recycle-based film for packaging applications underlines our commitment to working closely with partners, customers and suppliers to realize a more sustainable value chain and economy,” said Joost d’Hooghe, VP Business Line at DSM Engineering Materials.

The certified circular Sabic PE and DSM PA polymers in the multi-layered high-barrier film casings are accredited under the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC PLUS) scheme. The certified circular polyethylene and benzene in Sabic’s TRUCIRCLE portfolio are based on used and post-consumer plastics. Using advanced recycling, the used plastic is converted into a new feedstock, which then enters the production chain to deliver new virgin-quality materials. Mass balance accounting provides a method of asserting the recycled content in those materials along predefined and transparent rules by independent third-party laboratories, according to the press release.

“By combining our capacity for innovation and the latest available technology, we today have reached a unique solution in the market using post-consumer recycled plastics”, noted Óscar Ponz, Chief Plastic Business Officer at Viscofan.  


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