South Africa plastics industry urged to support initiatives to help combat spread of coronavirus

The coronavirus outbreak has impacted every industry across the world and while South Africa continues to be in lockdown, the country’s healthcare professionals, waste management personnel and other frontline workers that are fighting against the spread of COVID-19 virus need a lot of protective equipment and are facing shortages of gloves, masks and other protective gear.

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Plastic Recycling
April 9 2020
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 The plastics sector is of the view that the situation has provided the industry an opportunity to demonstrate the importance of plastics not only to protect food and other products from spoilage but also to protect lives.   

“We are fully aware of the fact that this is a very difficult time for our industry and country and that finances and resources are stretched. However, this is an exceptional time in the history of our nation. With innovative, out-of-the-box thinking and collective efforts, we believe that the plastics industry will be able to make a valuable contribution,” said Anton Hanekom, Executive Director at Plastics|SA in a news release.  

Plastics manufacturers around the world have stepped up to the challenge by rapidly changing their production lines in order to provide in-demand items ranging from disinfectants and hand sanitizers, to gloves, face shields and ventilators. Plastics SA said it would like to encourage their members to take up this challenge with them by coming onboard with one of the following initiatives:

Plastics|SA has urged its members to take up the challenge by coming on board to support one of the following initiatives: Manufacture and/donate products - The SA Plastics Industry would love to be in the position to donate protective gear (i.e. gloves and masks, face screens) hand sanitizer and other equipment needed to our frontline forces. It has asked raw material suppliers, manufacturers or product developers to get in touch with them to let them know what they are able to provide or produce; Contribute towards the Solidarity Fund –  If they are unable to donate products or services, but would like to make a financial donation to the Solidarity Fund along with other players in the plastics industry, they could get in touch with the organisation.