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GEF funds $8 million for e-scrap and medical waste recycling in Egypt

Egyptian authorities and Global Environment Facility (GEF) have signed an agreement to implement effective e-scrap and medical waste management strategy in Egypt.

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April 22 2022
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The Global Environment Facility (GEF) has signed an agreement with Egyptian authorities to support the country’s electronic and medical waste recycling efforts. As part of the deal, Egypt has received $8 million from the fund through the African Development Bank (AfDB), as per media reports.

The Ministry of Environment, Egypt is currently studying and validating the approvals of companies specialising in the treatment of e-scrap in order to reduce the growing pollution. In 2017 alone, Egypt generated 4.4 million tons of e-scrap according to Global E-Waste Monitor. Egypt already has several e-scrap recycling plants, most of which are run by private companies, including Recyclobekia in Cairo.

Medical waste is of equal concern to authorities and as part of its plan to preserve human health and the environment, the Egyptian government is implementing several projects, including the construction of a medical waste treatment plant in the northern governorate of Gharbia, as per the report.