Deliveroo partners with Shredex to dispose of used rider kits

The by-products of Deliveroo’s used rider kits will be repurposed into sustainable reusable materials.

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Sustainable Initiatives
September 23 2022
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Deliveroo has launched an initiative to introduce ‘responsible rider kit disposal’ to support its  commitment to reducing waste in landfills. The delivery service has partnered with UAE-based, licensed recycler - Shredex -  to implement this green solution.  

The by-products of Deliveroo’s used rider kits will be repurposed into sustainable reusable materials. Upon collection, the items will be segregated into the categories of recyclable plastic and fabric waste which will be combusted. Certain by-products will also be used as resources to turn metals into ingots, textiles and leather into cushion fillers or refuse derived fuel (RDF) materials, and rubber will be used as resins for asphalts for both road works and building new tyres. Quarterly collections and disposals have been scheduled with Shredex. 

Deliveroo estimates it will sustainably dispose of over 11 tonne of used rider kits in the first year alone.  According to the statement, the initiative will guarantee that used rider kits are responsibly disposed of to eliminate the potential spread of any underlying health concerns. The initiative also aims to ensure that used kits are not exploited for misrepresentation of the brand in activities that do not align with its values. 

Yazan Aburaqabeh, Head of Operations at Deliveroo said, “Our plan to recycle used rider kits has been in the pipeline for a while with strong efforts to bring not just any solution but one that is sustainable. We’re proud to be launching our initiative in partnership with Shredex, a credible partner, to extend the most eco-friendly solution to used rider kits. Deliveroo has and will continue to contribute to the global sustainability movement that the UAE is championing.” 

Anis El Solh, Managing Director of Shredex said, “We are honoured to be partnering with Deliveroo and helping them take another step towards a greener UAE. Partnerships like these that allow us to make a noteworthy difference, fuel our drive to continue our efforts in helping Dubai achieve its goal for waste management to reduce and completely divert waste from landfills by 2030.”