DP World Tour Championship promises to be a green event  

It has teamed up with Averda, for waste management, and Dubai Can initiative, OCEANTEE and No More Bottles, to ensure no single use plastics at the tournament.

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Sustainable Initiatives
November 7 2022
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The DP World Tour Championship, Dubai, promises to be one of the greenest golfing events yet, with sustainability being a key focus of this year’s final Rolex Series tournament at Jumeirah Golf Estates from November 17-20. 

As part of DP World Tour Championship’s alliance with the Dubai Can initiative, free drinking water stations have been installed around the tournament grounds so fans can refill their reusable water bottles when needed.

As per the statement, OCEANTEE’s stainless steel OCEANIC drinks bottles will be sold onsite with all proceeds going towards providing free, fresh drinking water for fans to fill up with, courtesy of No More Bottles. 

DP World Tour has teamed up with Averda, a sustainable waste management company, in a bid to eliminate nearly all of the landfill waste from the tournament – 70 per cent of the waste is expected to be recycled. 

There will be an on-site composting machine, as well as a food waste digester placed around the kitchen areas to safely compost all of the kitchen food waste. As per the statement, Averda has a number of waste preventing operations in place during the entire week of the DP World Tour Championship, including collecting used cooking oils, which will be turned into European grade biofuel to be sold for road use across the region.

The DP World Tour Championship village and all of the spectator venues will be built by Dubai-based temporary infrastructure company Wicked, which advocates sustainable building practices. All of their equipment is rented, and structures will be reused multiple times over in the future and are fully insulated to reduce the amount of energy used for AC cooling. Wicked has also banned all single use plastics from its work sites. 

As part of the DP World Tour’s commitment to saving water, this year the golf course will not be overseeded as part of the usual tournament preparations, achieving an estimated 20 million litres in water savings.