Feeding the 5000 events spread across America as part of the fight against food waste

As part of the growing fight against food waste sweeping the United States, the environmental non-profit, Feedback, working to end waste at every level of the food system, announced the next stage of its campaign to bring its Feeding the 5000 food waste awareness festivals to American cities this fall.

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The events, where thousands of members of the public are given free meals made entirely from fresh ingredients that otherwise would have been wasted, expose the level of food waste and celebrate the solutions to prevent it, all while ramping up the pressure on supermarkets and big businesses to end practices that needlessly cause much of this waste. With support from The Rockefeller Foundation, and in partnership with scores of non-profits, chefs and government bodies, and in light of the success of Feeding the 5000 events in New York and Washington DC earlier this year, the company says the campaign trail now includes: Feeding the 5000 Portland (October 7, 2016); Feeding the Hudson Valley (October 8, 2016); Feeding the 5000 Front Range (October 14, 2016). In coordination with these events, Feedback is calling on the public to sign a petition demanding that the food industry standardise food expiry labels which currently confuse the public, leading to the needless waste of millions of dollars worth of perfectly edible food. Standardising date labels is the first of four concrete reforms. Feedback says it advocates the US food industry progress, based on the organisation's years of experience driving reform in Europe as well as in the UK, where already food waste has been cut by 20 percent, “saving consumers billions of dollars and reducing carbon emissions equivalent to taking 1.8 million cars off the road.” “The US government has made the boldest food waste reduction commitment in the world, aiming to halve food waste by 2030. I have never seen a country build momentum as fast from every quarter - public appetite, entrepreneurial innovation, government legislation and coordinated solution-building from the nonprofit sector, of which the Feeding the 5000 events are a perfect example. Now, it's time for the corporates to jump into action and help take food waste 'Off the Menu’, too,” said Tristram Stuart, founder of Feedback. “Working together, Feedback, The Rockefeller Foundation and our vast networks of partners have been thrilled to see so many different people and organisations aligning to create a united front against wasted food,” said Dr. Zia Khan, Vice President for Initiatives and Strategy at The Rockefeller Foundation. “It is only through cross-sector collaboration that we will be able to reach these ambitious but achievable goals, and we view the scalable, adaptable, and, most importantly, fun nature of Feeding the 5000 style events as an important step in building this momentum.”