Nestlé Waters introduces biofuel blend to its Dubai trucks distribution fleet

Nestlé Waters announced it has started collaborating with a biofuel company to introduce to its Dubai truck fleet a blend of 80 percent fossil diesel and 20 percent biodiesel, produced from used cooking oil.

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Sustainable Initiatives
July 1 2018
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The company said it is using the blended fuel in 10 of its trucks during this initial testing phase that started in May, with plans to expand use throughout its distribution fleet should all go well. The six months test phase is estimated to be eliminating 30 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2eq) emissions from the air, with reductions of 300 tons of CO2eq emissions per year expected once the new blend is used across all of Nestlé Waters’ fleet. “This is the first time we use a biodiesel blend in our region, as we continue to investigate new alternative solutions to further reduce our environmental impact,” said Marco Banchelli, Supply Chain Manager for Nestlé Waters in the region.