Tadweer and Industrial Development Bureau unveil new waste management initiative

The Industrial Development Bureau of the Department of Economic Development, in association with Tadweer - Centre of Waste Management Abu Dhabi, organised a workshop to introduce 'Tadweer Auctions' initiative.

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Sustainable Initiatives
March 27 2018
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The project aims to encourage and educate the business sector on the proper handling of waste material in an effort to reduce environmental damage. Dr. Salem Al Kaabi, Acting General Manager, Tadweer said that Tadweer Auctions was launched in line with the Centre’s strategy that aims to develop an innovative initiative which allows the complete management of the waste sector, as per the WAM news agency report. The initiative uses digital services through an electronic platform targeting waste producers and will allow the private sector to advertise and sell recyclable materials. The service could contribute to reducing waste and motivate waste producers to increase their economic returns by recycling, said Dr. Al Kaabi. He also expressed Tadweer's keenness to organise such shared activities with its strategic partners to highlight the importance of proper handling of waste and motivate the business sector to invest in recyclable materials.