Tadweer organises clean-up and awareness campaign at the fishermen's port in Abu Dhabi, UAE

In cooperation with the Fishermen and Community Policing Association, Tadweer – Centre of Waste Management, Abu Dhabi recently organised a clean-up and awareness campaign at the fishermen's port in Abu Dhabi targeting boat owners and residents in order to preserve the sea and marine wealth.

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Sustainable Initiatives
October 1 2017
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The clean-up and awareness campaign at the fishermen's port spanned 130 wooden boats, and field awareness guides who speak five different languages were appointed to relay the awareness messages to the boat residents in their native languages and distribute awareness posters for the boats and containers of the cable network. The awareness messages on the posters read: “Please do not throw waste in the sea, but in its dedicated containers, in order to preserve the marine wealth and general appearance.” “This campaign is part of Tadweer’s continuous efforts to achieve a healthy environment in the emirate of Abu Dhabi; minimising waste and reusing it effectively to benefit from the economic gain of recyclable materials,” said Faris Al Mazrouei, Acting Project Manager of Collection and Transport at Tadweer.

He stressed the importance of preserving the overall appearance and cooperating to enhance the general cleanliness level in line with the emirate’s vision and plan, pointing out that the campaign was part of a series of awareness campaigns by Tadweer, complementing its efforts towards comprehensive waste management. It is worth noting that Tadweer aligns its projects and plans with Abu Dhabi's vision and plan, achieving its objectives to preserve the quality of the environment in conjunction with continuous urban development to meet the future needs and aspirations of the Emirate.