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Autonomous street cleaning machine put in active duty in Sharjah, UAE

Addition of new street litter vacuum cleaner forms part of Bee’ah’s fleet transformation initiatives and adoption of advanced vehicle technologies

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January 29 2019
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Tandeef, the city cleaning arm of environmental management company Bee’ah, has introduced futuristic autonomous electric driven vacuum machines for street cleaning, as part of the expansion of its comprehensive, next-generation waste collection fleet. In efforts to make its operations more optimised and sustainable, Bee’ah said it has introduced innovations in green vehicular technology and expanded its fleet of 1200 vehicles. The new electric sweeper complements the advanced fleet which includes eco-friendly, integrated vehicles that follow an optimal route management system.


The autonomous litter vacuum cleaner, with its innovative recognition and navigation system, leap-frogs existing self-propelled urban vacuum cleaners in efficiency, speed and effectiveness, said the company. The autonomous system can be trained to recognise and automatically follow the operator along the day, during the cleaning tasks around the city; literally freeing the operator to focus on cleaning, the main task at hand, without interruptions. “Bee’ah’s vision of pioneering a sustainable quality of life is far-reaching and future-oriented. Its expansive nature needs smart, forward-thinking solutions that can deliver a measurable impact for our stakeholders.

Our strategy is to ensure that state-of-the-art technology, born of innovation, delivers the additional efficacy, efficiency and results our partners and citizens expect.” said HE Khaled Al Huraimel, Group CEO, Bee’ah. Equipped with a powerful, compact battery, the autonomous vacuum cleaner can be fully charged in four hours and deliver 10 hours of uninterrupted operation. Emitting zero carbon-dioxide, the urban and industrial vacuum cleaner is sensor-guided and produces minimal noise when operational. The system also takes care of the burden of full navigation, obstacle detection and avoiding people, ensuring total freedom for the operator, and safety for the urban areas in which it is used. In addition, the autonomous system is equipped with a power suction, which automatically sprays water on small items like cigarette butts to avoid fires.

It also deploys a fire extinguisher, which can come in handy in an emergency. Additionally, a hand gesture sensor ensures that the autonomous system moves only when required. “Tandeef is committed to delivering high quality, innovative waste collection solutions that ensure our customers get the results they expect, and their communities experience ongoing clean and healthy living conditions. These autonomous cleaners allow a one-man crew to cover large areas, safely and more efficiently, eliminating wastage of time and inconvenience”, said Rafael Sanjurjo Lopez, Managing Director of Tandeef.