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BHS-Sonthofen Universal Shredder

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BHS-PRO BHS-Sonthofen’s new Universal Shredder of type NGU that was unveiled at IFAT 2016 extends the company’s range of single-shaft shredders by a machine designed for conventional recycling facilities and use in the manufacturing industry, says the company. It is said to be generally suitable for all materials that can be cut and characterised by a “sturdy design, easy operation and high availability”. The shredder shreds the loaded material to a size between 20 and 100 mm and can be used at conventional recyclers for shredding various materials, for instance, for cutting paper and paper rolls, for destroying files and data media, as well as for almost all plastic parts, leather and textiles, residual wood, cables or parts made from PET, according to the company. The machine comes in two versions: The Universal Shredder of type NGU 0513 with a rotor length of 1300 mm for a throughput of up to 5 t/h as well as type NGU 0518 with a 1800 mm rotor for up to 6.5 t/h – each based on a hole diameter of 30 mm. The motor drives are available up to 132 kW.