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Collin’s Cast/calendering-MDO line

Collin GmbH has introduced its cast/ calendering-MDO line, including innovative individual components, the new E-Entrance series extruder, the Collin multi-inspection, a 5-layer coextrusion line and a Collin Medical Line.

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The Calender-MDO line is touted as the main highlight in two ways: it is a line with a total length of 12 metres and consists of the following, innovative and partly brand new individual components: Compounder Type ZK 25 P – with optimised throughput and torque; High speed Torque Extruder Type E30 T – one of the Collin innovations 2016; Extruder Type E30 P with new features/extras; 5-layer feedblock with a 500 mm slot die; 3-roll calender with gap control; Take-off unit with start-up winder and COFIS film inspection; MDO with double stretching gap; Take-off module with various features (e. g. edge cutting, film edge control); Collin turret winder, adapted to Collin lines.

Advantages of the Calender-MDO-line include a higher degree of automation due to motor-driven gap adjustment of MDO and calender and the new turret winder; The motor-driven gap adjustment guarantees higher reproducibility; Larger range of throughput because of the Extruder Type E30 T, which results in a considerably larger process window; With the turret winder it is possible to keep the line running, also with long testing or production runs; Production-related speed allows better upscale possibilities.