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Eco Waste Composter

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“In 1990, each individual in the world produced MSW around four times their own body weight a year. Ten years later this amount of waste almost doubled, and today every person generates ten times their own body weight as household waste every year.” Given this increase over the years and adding to that the rapidly expanding population it is clear we need to explore more sustainable ways of reducing what we send into landfill by effectively using incineration methods instead. Sustainable management of Municipal Solid Waste demands an integrated approach and based on the waste management hierarchy shown below.

Landfill should only be used as a last resort method of disposal as it can generate a number of environmental problems and wastes space and valuable resources. Eco Waste Composter is an innovation in waste management technology where 4 ton waste may reduce to 18 litre of ash, subject to type of waste. Processed ashes can be recycled as building construction materials and others boards for construction, paving stones, etc.,” says the company. According to the company, 250 kg of fed waste can be converted to ash in 3-4 hrs in one cycle. The machine is capable of running 24 hours a day and can handle 1 ton of waste per day. “The Eco-Waste Composter features a negative ion effect plasma processing technique which helps reduce and suppress generation of dioxin, thus making the whole process environment friendly. With Zero electricity or ignition fuel cost the Eco Waste Composter not only delivers green and eco-friendly innovation in waste management but it also a very cost effective solution.”