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Excellence in waste management innovation


Pioneering solutions in design and manufacture of waste recycling equipment.


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January 19 2021
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Excellence in waste management innovation

The waste recycling sector is evolving in the region, which has been witnessing a rapid increase in the amount of waste being generated. This is a major concern for the Middle East countries as the total volume of waste currently generated stands at around 120 million tons per annum, with less than 10 percent of the municipal solid waste being recycled. Disposing waste in the landfills that are fast reaching maximum capacity is not a sustainable option.

Realising the need to put in place alternative mechanisms, Government entities have been focusing on strategies and measures to divert maximum waste away from landfills and have drawn up master plans for this sector. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is taking the lead in moving towards integrated waste management with emphasis on waste-to-value methods such as recycling and waste-to-energy coming into the picture, and other GCC countries are expected to follow suit.

The UAE vision is to achieve 75 percent recycling rate through adopting integrated waste management practices. In line with the objectives of Vision 2030, the waste management sector in KSA is focusing on the recovery of resources and increasing waste diversion rates. The key objectives of PIF subsidiary Saudi Investment Recycling Company, which was created to develop the sector, include setting up various facilities and achieving over 80 percent recycling of the annually produced solid waste by 2035, among others.

In the light of the above, it is essential for the countries in the region to increase their focus on ‘source segregation’ in addition to setting up material recovery facilities in order to minimise waste ending up in landfills. The need for introducing modern waste recycling technologies also gains significance.

Northern Ireland (NI) has a long history of excellence and has one of the world’s most successful clusters of engineering companies that develop state-of-the-art equipment and machinery for export globally. NI has a strong international reputation in waste management innovation, with expertise across a range of specialisations including waste recycling. Over the years, NI has become the global manufacturing centre of choice for waste recycling equipment and now boasts world number one brands in waste materials processing, which design and manufacture static and mobile solutions for waste reduction and separation for reuse. The sector remains a major basis of their competitive advantage and job creation.  

Northern Ireland companies excel in the production of the following static and mobile equipment to treat MSW (municipal solid waste) and other waste streams such as commercial and industrial (C&I) waste, and turning them into separate valuable materials. NI’s design and manufacturing excellence have been recognised and requested for various projects, and some excellent examples of their design and manufacturing capabilities can be seen in the Middle East region.

Sorting & Separation Plant and Material Recovery Facility (MRF)

Northern Ireland companies are leading static and mobile recycling plants suppliers around the world. They design and manufacture recycling plants to suit all types of waste streams and build MRFs to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill by recovering recyclables. KIVERCO, a company that designs, engineers and builds recycling plants for the waste processing industry, has successfully delivered multiple plant installations in the region in recent years.

Shredding technology

Northern Ireland companies develop, manufacture and market sophisticated technologies for shredding, stacking, screening and sorting of primary and secondary raw materials in production processes and recycling. EDGE Innovate has delivered shredders to government entities in the UAE and Oman to shred household waste, tyres, trees, plastics, wood etc., and their focus is on helping customers grow and improve profitability by providing equipment that drives down operational costs while maximising returns. EDGE designs and manufactures world class material handling and recycling equipment, offering an extensive product range to meet the constantly changing demands in the market. 

Baling technology

Northern Ireland companies are market leaders in the design and manufacture of recycling equipment offering a wide range of fully automatic and semi-automatic balers. CK International is one of the leading suppliers that has already found success with a semi-automatic machine installed in Oman as well as two fully automatic twin rams and semi-automatics in the UAE, and these machines are used in the process of baling OCC, mixed paper, PET bottles, HDPE, cans, etc. The balers can be customised for operations in hot weather conditions of the Middle East.

About Invest Northern Ireland

Invest Northern Ireland (Invest NI) is the economic development agency for Northern Ireland and works with individuals, companies and organisations in manufacturing and tradable services that show the ambition and commitment to grow by being more innovative, entrepreneurial and more internationally focused. Invest NI’s resources are focused on assisting their clients to help explore new markets, improve competitiveness, increase innovation, promote a stronger international focus and create more positive attitudes to enterprise.

Invest NI promotes inward investment and trade with the region from an extensive network of overseas offices including Dubai, Jeddah and Doha.

If you have any queries or would like to know more about Northern Ireland companies active in the waste management sector, please get in touch with:

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Sector Lead – Engineering, Middle East
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