Finder’s Keeper – Tomra Customers Reaping The Rewards Of Latest Metal Recovery Technology

The fourth generation FINDER advanced sensor-based sorter from TOMRA Sorting continues to be a dominant, pioneering force in the metals recycling sector.

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March 4 2018
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Constantly developing and improving the patented technology within the FINDER, TOMRA confidently assures customers of its capability to effectively recover metal fractions from shredder residue which would have otherwise been lost. The FINDER is an essential machine for efficient recovery metals from end-of-life vehicle recycling or electronic scrap recycling plants, offering an outstanding high. Generating pure metal fractions from shredded cars with magnets and eddy currents alone will not recover copper wires or stainless steel – both are high value metals.

The FINDER is specifically designed to recover these fractions and produce an almost metal free residue, significantly boosting profitability for the operator. Throughput and quality are exceptional, along with market-leading reliability and performance levels expected from TOMRA, the pioneer in sensor-based sorting. The superior performance of the FINDER is thanks to its modular flexibility, intelligent object recognition (IOR) and TOMRA’s patented suppixx® image processing technology, which makes it possible to identify the finest particles with precision and resolution.

This is combined with a belt-error detection technology to ensure a constant, exceptional quality output from the most challenging mixed fractions. TOMRA has ensured that the FINDER is also adaptable to suit multiple applications within the metal recovery sector, including wire recovery and stainless steel sorting. When used in combination with an NIR sensor, it can help to recover polymers for recycling (including the separation of PET/PE/PP and PS).