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Ford Trucks technology offers added value for waste management

Toros Kardas, Bahrain & KSA Country Manager, Ford Trucks, speaks about Ford Trucks technology and the features that make them the superior choice for waste management applications.

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April 25 2018
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With more than half a century of manufacturing expertise, Ford Trucks has been offering tailor-made products to suit the specific requirements of the Middle East market. Powered by the new Ford Ecotorq engine family, the new range of trucks now comes with greater power and better fuel efficiency than ever to ensure customers can continue with their formidable tasks.

Remarkable performance

Powering the trucks are the 9-litre and 12.7-litre Ecotorq engines that have been particularly developed to meet customer requirements in the difficult environmental conditions of the region. Since the introduction to these fleets, the engines have proved their robustness and reliability time and again while boosting the profits of transporters. The 9-litre Ecotorq engine delivers 330hp, while the 12.7-litre engine has 430hp with both engines offering high torque at low engine revolutions per minute (RPM). The permissible weight of Ford Trucks’s 4x2 configured vehicle, the 1833DC is 19 tonnes and it can be equipped with a 7-cbm sweeper or 16- 18 cbm garbage collector. In contrast, competitors normally offer only 16-17 tonnes of permissible weight with a 6-cbm sweeper or 14-16 cbm garbage collector. Ford’s warranty conditions are highly favourable with 2-year unlimited mileage.


Safety a top priority

Safety is another vital concern for Ford Trucks. Due to the tough working environmental conditions and long transportation trips safety is a critical focus for the region. Therefore, Ford Trucks has developed secure technologies within its new series. Disc Brake, Electronic Brake System (EBS) including Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS), Electronic Stability Programme, Hill Launch Assist, Differential Lock, Immobilizer and Front Fog Lamps are some of the standard safety features available on the 1833DC. We have also improved braking system on the new models: compared to the previous generation, the New Ford Trucks series has a braking system that is now seven times stronger. In addition to a 400 kW engine brake, it also offers a 600 kW intarder as an option to fleets. Placing an emphasis on movement on the road, the total 1,000 kW braking power clearly shows how much the new Ford Trucks Series cares about stopping. These auxiliary braking systems help increase the maintenance interval of service brakes significantly. Thus, total cost of ownership will be improved, resulting in a more profitable business for fleet owners.

Reduced total cost of ownership

A major factor that can translate into potential savings for the client is the extended service intervals. The service interval for a Ford truck is up to 40,000km. Offering extended service intervals demonstrate Ford’s commitment to improving our customers’ total cost of ownership by reducing maintenance costs, thanks to our EcoTorq Ford engines. This savings opportunity is highlighted in the service contracts. We offer various maintenance packages and customers can choose between preventive maintenance and comprehensive maintenance packages. Under comprehensive maintenance, the wear and tear parts are covered in addition to the preventive maintenance deliverables. On demand battery and onsite maintenance services can also be included. In addition to operating expenses, the second hand value needs to be considered as well. The usual contract term is 5 years for cleaning projects in Saudi Arabia. Even after 5 years, our trucks remain in good condition to fetch the best value in the second hand market.

Emerging markets

Ford Trucks are increasingly becoming popular across Saudi Arabia, particularly in cities like Jeddah, Dammam and Tabuk for waste management applications by municipalities, private airports, and compound projects. Ford Trucks has reached its position as one of the globe’s biggest trucks producers by demonstrating an appreciation for its customers; always listening to their feedback and being prepared to take suggestions from the market which has helped continuously improve its trucks and stay competitive in the market. The company has taken this approach into the Middle East as well. Thus, Ford’s high-quality product range and service has ensured loyal customers worldwide, with repeat orders from many of our existing clients. Its preparation for the Euro 4 regulation in the UAE typifies this dedication. Following the announcement, Ford Trucks began immediately ensuring it could enable its clients to meet the change in standards with the right vehicles along with customised after sales contracts and training for drivers. Able to draw on years of testing in the region, it was able to swiftly introduce changes such as the new 12R24 tires, an enhanced air condition system and vertical pipe to meet GCC customer needs. For the benefit of new customers, we also have a test truck equipped with garbage collector at the service of waste management service companies.

Customised after sales solutions

Ford Trucks not only provides the right solution with the right product range, it also supports its clients with customised after sales solutions. In the Middle East, Ford Trucks and its dedicated dealers serve regional customers with a complete support programme including on-the-spot repairs. Our aftersales service is boosted by mobile services and a wide network of service centres operated by official Ford Trucks dealers in Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries. The Ford Academy invests in constant trainee programmes to offer a seamless and comprehensive range of support services. All the company’s technical teams and parts personnel have been carefully trained to meet Ford’s standards to ensure every individual leaves with total satisfaction. As one of the major issues for clients is spare parts, we ensure the availability of each component by holding stock levels at 95% in the manufacturer’s warehousing facilities. With our efficient operation system, an essential item can be sent to dealer workshops within 48 hours.


We encourage our customers to enrol for driver training at the Ford Driving Academy. They gain improved driving skills with focus on fuel economy and environmental awareness. The courses cover subjects such as air resistance, speeding up, slowing down, selecting the right gear, braking under different road conditions, braking distance, avoiding obstacles, reaction time, blind sports, and sitting position.

Ford Trucks – A solutions partner

Ford’s focus is on the customer and we have positioned ourselves as solutions partner. We do not offer trucks alone and based on the needs of specific customers we equip our trucks with garbage collectors, sweepers, hook lifts, bin washers, skip loaders and deliver them to our clients as complete units. We also provide a flexible and reliable fleet management system along with the know-how and experience required to help our clients achieve higher profitability. Right from vehicle tracking systems to entire fleet management systems, everything is customised to meet the specific requirements of our customers. Thus, when companies partner with Ford Trucks they will find that we are prepared to comprehend their needs and purchasing capabilities to develop customised solutions and after sales support. With all the information related to each truck, including components, service records, trucks chassis numbers and other details linking each product stored in our database from the day of procurement, Ford Trucks’ customers will always get the support they need to keep their business moving.