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ISEC evo from Pure Loop

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  The new ISEC evo from Pure Loop was presented at this year's K trade fair. The processor model has been extensively redesigned with intelligent process engineering enhancements as per the company. Compared to its predecessor model, the Austrian company's shredder-extruder technology offers both technical and user-oriented optimisations. pro-1"The demand for high-quality recyclates from production scraps is increasing rapidly. These developments prompted us to make the ISEC evo even more user-friendly and of course more economically efficient," says the company’s CEO Manfred Dobersberger. The highlights of the new developments are said to be the up to 25 per cent increased throughput, the automatic start/ stop of the system at the press of a button and a turnable hood which offers greater flexibility in terms of setup. The new ISEC evo shredderextruder technology is designed for the repelletising of production waste in an extremely wide variety of forms such as film, tapes, fibres, nonwovens, fabric, hollow bodies, solid plastic parts and much more, plus solutions which are ideally and precisely adaptable to the user's scrap logistics requirements.