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MTB Cable Box

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Pro-3The French manufacturer MTB has strengthened its range of machines by adding to its lineup a compact recycling line “inspired and developed from its iconic elders”. MTB has developed “the perfect combination of integrated, robust and mobile system” to recycle either aluminum or copper cables, says the company. Set within three containers, the Cable Box allows for snap set-up and installation and “through intensive engineering, MTB handled the minimisation of each machine for it to match with the smaller footprint requirements, alongside technical innovations to maintain its current performance and ease of operation.” Jean-Philippe Fusier, president of MTB group, underlines: “Next generation recycling system will have to meet mobility requirements as well as ease of installation to match with the market demands. From now on, MTB supply a model factory of sorts, flexible and ready”. “Named after its greater asset, the concept Plug’n’Run will leave its mark in the global market for both its simplicity and reliability.”