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New range of hydraulic scrap shears S-Wing from Copex

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Copex launched a new product line called S-Wing. These new scrap shears with pre-compression by wings, specifically designed for shearing and compacting light to medium-heavy mixed scrap, play to two major strengths: free of the road regulation limitations that mobile scrap shears with wings are facing, the S-Wing have a reinforced structure which guarantees their increased robustness, according to the company. They are very easy to install on a scrap yard, as they require very simple and cost saving civil works. The S-Wing which complete the range of Copex Lidex and Reflex, are available in three cutting forces: 650, 900 and 1000 tons.

Dedicated to the processing of light to medium-heavy mixed scrap materials “the new Copex scrap shears S-Wing are the perfect fusion of experience, knowledge, robustness and performance of the French manufacturer and have two main advantages to inspire the market: high durability through their reinforced structure combined to high compacting performance due to the wings compacting performance. Additionally, they are easy to install on a simple concrete slab for optimized cost of investment.”