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Oxford Instruments’ Hero window for hot sample XRF analysis

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Oxford Instruments recently launched a solution for “reliable X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysis of hot samples”, for use with their range of X-MET8000 series handheld XRF analysers. The Hero heat resistant protective window allows hot samples of up to 400ºC to be directly analysed for alloying elements including light elements such as silicon, says the company. Pro-4Positive Material Identification (PMI) inspection sometimes requires the testing of in-service components such as pipes, reaction vessels, etc. that are at high temperatures. When testing hot samples using the X-MET8000, the operator simply swaps the analyser’s normal Prolene window for the Hero heat resistant window, as per the company. Christelle Petiot, Product Manager, Oxford Instruments, said, “This unique solution truly simplifies the task for operators wanting to test in-service, high temperature components, whilst retaining the analyser’s excellent performance. Unlike other solutions currently on the market, there is no need for additional accessories or special measuring techniques that may cause results to vary from one user to another. With the use of the HERO window, operators also retain the capability of measuring light elements, which is critical in the testing of low alloy steels and other alloys.”