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Polaris single-shaft shredder

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pro-4The Polaris 2200 and 2800 are two new single-shaft shredders that have been optimised for the cost-efficient, single-step shredding of untreated household refuse as well as industrial and commercial waste, Lindner announced. A typical application area is the processing of refuse-derived fuel (RDF) that is used instead of fossil fuels in calciners of cement factories or in thermal power plants; because the Polaris shredders run at a particularly low speed and with correspondingly high torque, their knives cut the input material with enormous power, as required by the single-step process, according to Lindner. “When processing waste into RDF, high throughput and low shredding costs per ton are even more important than in other industrial processes. This applies especially to the processing of refusederived fuels for use in a calciner. At the same time, the system must be able to shred untreated and in some cases bulky waste in a single process step to grain sizes of 80 mm and less. This makes particularly high demands on the design of the shredder deployed for this job. With the new Polaris, we comply precisely with these demands. It is proving in practice to be an energy-efficient system that functions reliably and, if necessary, is easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance work and thus enables consistently high productivity,” says Stefan Scheiflinger, Product Manager at Lindner Recyclingtech.