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Sennebogen 850 E-Series material handlers for scrap handling and ports

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Sennebogen-PRPSennebogen presented at the recent bauma 2016 trade fair the current E-Series of the 850 material handler. The machine has been developed for demanding material handling at ports, scrapyards, or for industrial use, according to the company. The new machine generation boasts convenient lifting capacities of 5.7t with a maximum reach of up to 21 m, and is said to save up to 30% more fuel due to the innovative Green Hybrid energy recovery system. The company says with the new E-Series generation, Sennebogen has optimised its material handlers from scratch and adapted them to the increased requirements. The new 850 has a powerful 224 kW diesel engine complying with Tier 4f emission standards, including automatic idle stop and EcoMode. A Tier 3a version and an electric motor are also available. With a lifting capacity of 5.7t with a maximum equipment length of 21 m, “the machine impresses with comfortable reserves in scrap and port handling”, the company says. The new machine offers operators a comfortable work space with an ideal overview from the Maxcab cab, which can be elevated as standard, and this can be continuously adjusted 3.0 m in height and moved 2.6 m forwards.