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Sennebogen to unveil its electric material handler with battery technology at IFAT

The new 817 Electro Battery combines the advantages of cable-based electric material handlers, while also ensuring zero emission and flexibility, says the company.

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May 19 2022
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Sennebogen announced the launch of its new 817 Electro Battery, an electric material handler with battery technology. The material handler is the first of the many freely movable battery-powered models that Sennebogen will be adding to its electric range in the future. 

According to the statement, the dual power management offers all the advantages of a cable-based electric material handler, while also ensuring flexibility in  movement. The machine has a reach of 9m and an operating weight of 18t.

The 817 Electro Battery has been engineered to work seamlessly even when the machine is connected to the mains supply for charging. If the material handler is connected to the mains, it uses the wired power supply for operation, without restriction in the movement of the uppercarriage and equipment. If more power is supplied to the machine than it consumes, then the excess power is used to charge the batteries at the rear. If the mains supply is disconnected, the 817 Electro Battery automatically detects this and works autonomously in battery operation without compromising on the performance. The design of the 817 Electro Battery takes into account the need for integration in existing infrastructure. The CEE 63 A connector system and the 44 kW on-board charger ensure charging at any location using a simple industrial socket. 

With an assumed 2,000 operating hours per year and energy generation from renewable energy sources, a battery-powered material handler could save an average of 31,800 kg of CO2 per year compared to its diesel-powered counterparts, says the press statement adding that the battery option will be available in Sennebogen’s entire electric series models 817 to 825 in the future.  

The 817 Electro Battery will be premiered at the IFAT, a leading trade fair for environmental technologies, to be held in Munich from May 30 to June 3.