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SICON supplies electrical and electronic scrap processing system to Qatar

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Modern technology will be rolled out this year in Qatar to ensure that end-of-life electrical and electronic devices are recycled in an environmentally-friendly manner. In April 2016, Sicon GmbH, based in Hilchenbach, North Rhine-Westphalia, was commissioned to deliver a two-stage Sicon-e system for processing electrical and electronic scrap that is accumulating in Qatar. An option for further treatment systems was already concluded. SICONWith the Sicon-e concept the company has developed a modular system for processing electrical and electronic scrap, which is distinguished by its flexibility and capacity, says the company. “After all, it is necessary to take into account a wide variety of materials. The vertical shredder EcoShred Vertec is able to comminute household appliances through to complete 3-phase motors and thus opens up further processing steps.” The value-added chain is optimised using capable screen and metal separators manufactured by the company IFE. During the second step, nonferrous metals are compacted with the aid of the EcoShred Sphere balling mill and prepared for the downstream sorting. The EcoShred Sphere is distinguished by its adjustable grinding tracks, optional grid segments and its rugged design. The Sicon-e concept is supplemented by the Varisort WEEE multisensor sorter in order to be able to separate, for example, circuit boards or stainless steel components from the product stream. To separate plastics from the electrical and electronic scrap, Sicon offers its Polyfloat wet separation process.