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SRS Bulk media shredder for on-site digital data destruction

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Sims Recycling Solutions (SRS) announced the expansion of on-site service capabilities with new portable shredding system designed for smaller data-bearing devices. Examples of media types intended for this new shredding system include USB drives, solid state drives, credit cards and SIM cards. This on-site service enables customers the opportunity to witness the destruction of these items specifically with confidence that not one has the ability to slip through a blade untouched, says the company. The current portfolio of on-site data destruction services includes hard drive degaussing, wiping and destruction. If a storage device has reuse or resale value, on-site hard drive wiping can provide data eradication using industry leading data removal software.

Otherwise storage media not intended for reuse can undergo on-site degaussing and/ or shredding. With the addition of the new shredding system this onsite service can now manage almost any data storage device (small or large) securely and responsibly. “As we focus on providing holistic IT asset disposition solutions, our research and development team is constantly working to ensure we’re providing clients with an all-encompassing service that safely balances security and convenience,” said Steve Skurnac, president of SRS.