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Tana Smart Drum Screen

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Tana-PROTana showcased the new 6D Smart Drum Screen at IFAT 2016. It is “the world’s first intelligent drum screen for waste management,” says the company. This drum screen is equipped with scales on both conveyor belts to measure coarse grain and fine grain output tonnages, giving a real time view of the drum’s operation. When the 6D is combined with other Tana products, the business owner also has access to other critical information via Smart Site which helps improve the efficiency of their process, according to the company. The machine is also said to have the ability to communicate key information wirelessly to the Smart Site ecosystem to be analysed and used to make informed decisions. The company says the ability to measure and monitor waste streams and actual output tonnages is combined with preset settings by waste type on the electronic control system. This gives managers a full view of the waste management process and how much of each waste type can be shredded and screened. When this information is shown to the feeder operator, he can adjust loading of the shredder in real time.