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The new Varisort 2.0 by Sesotec, Sicon

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pro-3With Varisort 2.0 developed by Sesotec, Sicon GmbH recently announced the next generation of sensor-based sorting processes designed to efficiently process various metal fractions based on material types. For instance, the new model uses a multichannel metal detector M, which achieves a resolution of up to 1 mm, allows for a reliable separation of the tiniest metal particles even in conventional metal detection processes. Operators can now choose from four working widths ranging from 1.0 m to now 2.8 m in two conveyor belt lengths (4.5 and 6 m). On this basis, Varisort 2.0 may be equipped with up to three sensor units: HDD camera system including shape mode (e.g. for identification of cables, circuit boards or coins); Near infrared system with HSI (hyperspectral imaging) technology and LED incident light and transmitted light (e.g. for separating wood from the heavy shredder fractions); Multichannel metal detection coil with optional filter technology to differentiate between iron, non-ferrous and stainless steel (selective metal separation). And a transmissionbased x-ray system for sorting metals based on density (e.g. in aluminium processing) or for separating chlorinated or brominated plastics. These sensors are combined with the new Octa-Core Technology, which enables a higher and more complex image processing of sensor signals. For instance, the system shows its performance by evaluating at the same time up to 31 data paths during complex sorting tasks. Sicon says the operation of Varisort 2.0 has become even more user-friendly due to the new SesoDesk Software featuring: sorting algorithms selectable using the intuitive menu; programme memory for different sorting algorithms; user management and much more; and a large 15” touch display. There are practical options, which further improve the operation and maintenance of the sorting machine including: customizable housing design with side access and maintenance doors and connections for dust extraction, wear protection plates; motorized cleaning brush for the conveyor belt; motorized rotary splitter; blast nozzle cleaning; infinitely variable tilt of blast bar.